Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Do I Need To Work?

WE wake up every morning (for those who have day-shift schedules) or wake up every evening (for those who have graveyard schedules) and prepare ourselves for our everyday work. 

And if you are a student, you always go to school so that once you graduated; you will find a nice job.

But why do we have to work? Can't we just sit down and wait until the sun set like those people who preferred to stay home than to work?

Most of workers spend eight hours to ten hours a day in their work place; perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. Some people work in the office, some in the construction site, in schools, in restaurant, inside the short, everywhere.

Have you ever tried asking yourself, "Why do I need to work?"

Maybe, here are some of the answers that you may think of:

To Earn Money
     Every effort that we exert in our work earns money. Some of us earn in a per hour basis, daily basis, weekly or monthly basis or whatever mode of payment your company is implementing. The amount will also be depending on the type of service you will render or whatever is written in your contract or whatever the company offered you.`

To Suffice Your Basic/Daily Needs and Wants in Life
    What are our basic needs: Food, Shelter, Cloth, Education, and other needs that we need to go on with our daily life. If we have extra/saved money, we can buy the things that we want to satisfy our indulgences.  

The first two reasons that have been mentioned are more on material and physiological need/want. Some of us also work because of some intrinsic reasons:

To Learn More
     Life is so short. So why just be contented on the things that is happening in your home. Workplace is a big playground for you to learn more things and new things.

To Use/Apply What We Have Learned
     Jobseekers look for a work that matches the course that they have taken in their school so that the effort that they have exerted as a student will be paid off. They will be able to apply what they have learned.

To Meet Different People
     It is indeed run through our blood that we humans, are social being. We enjoy dealing with people.

These are some of the reasons we go to work. Different people have different reasons. So whatever your own reasons are, these reasons will help you become motivated to work. 

Enjoy working

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